Sulitest: The first global tool to assess Sustainability Literacy lands at BU

BU has just signed up to Sulitest, the first sustainability literacy tool to measure, improve and develop sustainability literacy on a global scale and to help create and inspire global citizens.
The sustainable literacy test which is known as Sulitest is a global platform for developing sustainable awareness. Used in 58 countries, it is helping organisations and individuals to contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals.
The online multiple choice test which could be integrated into a lecture or done at home is made up of 30 core ‘International’ questions, 20 specialised ‘Regional’ questions and a 15 question module on the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Sulitest also boasts the biggest international database on sustainability and has been used by researchers upon request to further knowledge in the field.
Sulitest is one part of Bournemouth University’s commitment to Education for Sustainable Development. Earlier this year CEL ran a Sustainable Development Teaching Award, for which the results will be announced shortly.
If you would like to do a Sulitest demo or to find out more about running the test for real please contact Jon Gilbert on

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