Research into barriers to pro-environmental behaviours at BU

Exciting research is being undertaken to investigate the barriers that affect the levels of engagement of staff in environmental initiatives at Bournemouth University.

This student research into pro-environmental behaviours aims to increase understanding of the barriers to  participation in environmental initiatives and behaviours at BU and to identify what opportunities could help increase participation. This research is being conducted by Clare Scarborough under the supervision of Dr. Elena Cantarello.

There are a lots of good examples of staff embedding sustainability into their work at BU with staff from multiple faculties and departments now choosing to intergrate it into there teaching and professional work, as well as many others who have taken part in sustainability accreditation and awareness schemes including JUMP and Green Impact.

The department of Life and Environmental Sciences (LES) achieved a Bronze Award for Green Impact in 2016– an initiative that recognises sustainable behaviours and rewards efforts to look after the environment within the work place. The award is judged upon measurable criteria which cover several aspects of sustainable behaviours such as; travel, communication, health and wellbeing, waste and recycling, as well as energy and water usage.  The LES team who this year are going for Silver have just been audited, along with three other teams from Organisational Development, Estates and Finance.
If you would like to contribute please fill out the questionnaire in the following link. You will also be entered into a prize draw to have the opportunity to offset 5 tonnes of carbon dioxide which is the equivalent of the annual emission of an average car.
To be part of the research and entered into a prize draw fill out the questionnaire on the link:


Clare Scarborough

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