Findings CEL-funded project disseminated in Nepal

On Thursday 27th April BU staff presented at a dissemination meeting on research conducted into Continuous Professional Development (CPD) in Nursing in Nepal. At the moment nurses in Nepal can stay registered for decades without any evidence of updating their knowledge or recent work experience.  The qualitative research included eight focus groups with a range of nurses from government and private hospitals as well as stakeholders in the government and nursing and midwifery organisations.

The research was conducted by researchers from two UK universities: Liverpool John Moores University and Bournemouth University, in collaboration with Nepali researchers affiliated with Nursing Association of Nepal and the Nepal Nursing Council and Manmahon Memorial Institute of Health Sciences.  The BU part was funded by seed-corn money from CEL.  The BU Lead Dr. Catherne Angell could not make it to Nepal but her CMMPH (Centre for Midwifery, Maternal & Perinatal Health) colleagues  Prof. Vanora Hundley and Prof. Edwin van Teijlingen presented BU.

The dissemination session attracted quite some media attention.  Further good news is that the researchers have already published one scientific paper in Nepal in the English-language journal Health Prospect. [1]





Simkhada, B., Mackay, S., Khatri, R., Sharma, C.K., Pokhrel, T., Marahatta, S., Angell, C., Simkhada, P. (2016) Continual Professional Development (CPD): Improving Quality of Nursing Care in Nepal, Health Prospect 15 (3):1-3

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