Service Excellence 2017


We believe kindness is central to service excellence – behaviours that include generosity, friendliness and consideration. During today’s conference we will present a growing body of evidence which supports our case for kindness and take a look at how these traits link to our BU values.

Excellence, Achievement, Authenticity, Creativity, Responsibility

Generosity – sharing with others

This is very much part of what we do at BU. The quality of our research, teaching and the professionalism of all our staff are all examples of how we create, share and inspire knowledge resulting in Fusion, which is key differentiator of BU. We often hear about colleagues who go that extra mile and we reward this behaviour – this is the #BUicingonthecake and demonstrates our commitment to Service Excellence.


At BU we are known for our friendliness and openness towards others and each other. Authenticity and Achievement – two of BU’s values – are key to kindness and friendliness; it is not forced or fake. We value ourselves as individuals and the differences of others. We celebrate the joy of discovery and the behaviours that create a positive culture at BU.

Consideration of others

Authenticity and Responsibility are BU values and underpin the actions we take for the good of others, we act ethically for the greater good and sustainability and diversity are extremely important to us and support the courageous decisions we make.
Here’s how kindness was showcased at this year’s conference

Make a difference – be a part of our research – A number of academics shared their current research at the conference and asking us to participate in collecting the data they need. Your participation was gratefully received and acknowledged by a certificates. You took part in research that will be shared and will inspire others.

Sharon Docherty, Faculty of Health and Social Sciences How well can you hang a picture frame?
Participants tried this computerised test to find out how your brain uses information provided by your eyes, inner ears, muscles and joints to help them judge when something is vertical.

Dr Anna Feigenbaum, Faculty of Media and Communication Participants tried out activities from the BU Innovation Booth incorporating storytelling,
visualisation and communication design.

Dr William Proctor, Faculty of Media and Communication explained more about Dr Proctor’s global research, The World Star Wars Project.

Celebrating achievement
We found out more about how we celebrate personal and team achievements through the VC staff awards and prepare to nominate others who deserve this recognition.

Showcasing kindness

Sandra Ayde and the Post Qualifying Social Work Team showcased kindness and how they put all aspects of kindness together and the difference this makes to society. This is an inspiring team and as we develop our corporate vision for BU2025 with even more focus on the power of high performing teams there will be lots of examples on show from Sandra and her team that we can take back to our own teams.

Wendy Cutts who is also part of the PQSW Academic Department will be showcase her Kindliness Tool Kit developed to support a community initiative that has made a difference. Wendy keen to argued proposition that ‘Kindliness is not the icing on the cake it is an essential ingredient’.

How do RKEO engage the general public with BU’s fantastic research? We experienced for yourself some of the ways we encourage people to make a change based on BU research findings. Whilst we planted seeds and got creative painting pots, we found out about the types of plants that attract pollinators like bees and butterflies. With research showing that pollinators are in decline, everyone should make sure that their garden is full of plants perfect for pollinators, and learn more about the work that BU researchers are doing to ensure local councils consider pollinators in their urban environment strategies.

Des Burke from Flavours Cookery School of Cookery  hosted our kindness event and giving us his take on kindness through food.
Sharing kindness through food – some of the poorest people are deemed the kindest as they share whatever food they have with others regardless, we would like to take that act of friendship and recreate this experience.

We created a kindness board of experiences of the kindness you have received or given.

Joy – how food can bring joy? We found out more by joining Des and taking part in some amazing blind tasting experiences.
And did we mention the donut wall and all the treats from Chartwell’s?

We were delighted to be joined by Lush who have participated in many kindness projects including Random Acts of Kindness day.

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