iInnovate: sharing innovation with other HEIs

Debbie Holley and David Biggins presented a workshop yesterday at the Association for Learning Development in Higher Education (ALDinHE) conference in Hull.

The tables set up for the workshop

Under the title of ‘iInnovate: trying something different together’, the 30 attendees were taken through a whistle stop tour of three regular CEL workshops that support the iInnovate initiative for BU staff.  These covered:

Assessment:  We discussed a range of strategies to support assessment for learning and feedforward; including developing assessment literacy drawing on ASKE and REAP  project resources; developing online feedback & feedforward rubrics, demonstrating the BU Generic Assessment Criteria and flipping feedback.  The activity here involved around the building and flying of paper planes which led to a discussion of how we could assess the best.

Making final pre-flight checks

And then launching

Learning: This activity involved Lego Serious Play (LSP) and required the attendees to build a metaphor for the relationship.  This was the first time many people had used Lego in this way and led to a lively debate on where LSP could be used in learning.  Notes on CEL’s last internal workshop using LSP can be read here.

Teaching: The final activity demonstrated the scaffolding of learning using Google Cardboard, a low cost technology that enables students to access bespoke apps for learning and play. Currently mainly utilised by marketing and gaming industries, learning opportunities are being created for example in healthcare at BU and the key interest to CEL is the affordances of students generating their own content.

At the end of the session, the audience were very positive about BU’s iInnovate initiative and went away with a number of ideas for promoting innovation in their own institutions.

The presentation, created by Debbie Holley, David Biggins, Anne Quinney and Carly Lamont, can be seen here.

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