Audience response systems – proposing the way ahead

Over the last eight months, we have been looking into a replacement for the TurningPoint clickers which have been in use for several years at BU.  The clickers are frequently used to gain feedback from students in lectures and seminars based on multiple choice questions embedded into PowerPoint presentations.

Most of the newer systems are internet-based and make use of a student’s own devices ie smart phones, tablets and laptop to capture feedback.  This makes the clickers redundant.  We have been investigating online solutions including TurningPoint, Mentimeter and Kahoot.

We put this project on hold in November pending the decision on the new VLE and it is now time to make a proposal on the way ahead.

We plan to put a proposal to TELSF in the next 2 weeks so we wanted to check if there is more feedback or suggestions on audience response systems that we need to take into account.  If you would like to input to this debate, please complete this online feedback form as soon as you can.

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