Working Out Loud – a 21st Century Skill

This blog is asking for information from anyone who has tried the concept of Working out Loud and can help me learn more about this.   I realise from the research into the concept that it begins with harnessing your networks and generously sharing and learning from each other.  Watching the Ted Talks the benefits to organisations are creating more open and collaborative cultures. The networks I access through CEL sound very much like working out loud – but this WoL movement and concept is new to me and this is a 21st century skill I want to improve.

We have asked an expert in WoL along to the Service Excellence Conference – have you booked your place yet? To run a workshop and give us some insights into the skills required, and I am already curious.

So if you do know more about this, have used the concepts and are willing to generously share your knowledge please do get in touch with me or via this blog.

If you don’t much about this yet and would like to explore – get in touch.

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