Patient and Public Involvement Project

By James Gavin

CEL Innovation Awards, Project Update

Since being granted funding for my Patient and Public Involvement (PPI) project, I have focused on organizing Phase I: The PPI Seminar Series. Initial meetings with my co-investigators, Dr Mel Hughes and Tom Wainwright, involved proposing a seminar schedule, to include four separate workshops aimed at students. With support Lisa Ashurst (Business Engagement Consultant), I was able to develop a strategic project management plan. This allowed me to contact and discuss with potential keynote speakers, whilst pre-booking facilities and preparing advertisement.

Online advertisement was released earlier this week, and attendees can now register for seminars on the Eventbrite link below this report1. To ensure student uptake this has been circulated to specific Programme Leads, Placement Officers, the Graduate School, as well as to academics and public groups. It is expected that having mixed audiences of: students (UGRs and PGRs), academic and the public/patients, will promote discussion drawing upon varied perspectives and experiences. This is often difficult in standard institution-based teaching environments. The seminar series has also received social-media attention and been added to the NHS INVOLVE website2. Keynote speakers and seminar dates are now confirmed, with poster advertisement (via printed and digital posters) due to be presented this week. So keep an eye out. So far, 18% of all seminar bookings have been taken which should make for excellent discussion between Health specialists, students and patients.

The next steps include: 1) writing BU CEL and Research blogs, 2) contacting registered students (to propose involvement in the Patient-Student Advisory group), and 3) explore strategic partnerships with each keynote speaker for future health research and education activities. Before and after seminars, students will be given opportunity to provide feedback and become involved in the Advisory group.

1 PPI Seminar Series – Registration

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