Working through the blended learning module

‘At its simplest, blended learning is the integration of classroom face-to-face learning experiences with online learning experiences.’ (Garrison and Kanuka 2004 p 96).

Blended learning is a key pedagogy at BU and a core component in the TEL Toolkit.

The topic of blended learning is expanding in both use and importance so it is vital that we develop a thorough understanding of the topic and how to implement it successfully, where it has benefit, in programmes and units.

Last year, staff from BU contributed their experience in blended learning to the creation of a module that helps to develop these skills.  The module is produced by Epigeum and is available to staff via the home screen in myBU.  As the module runs as a Community in myBU, you will need to be logged into myBU to be able to access it.

Screen Shot 2017-02-06 at 20.17.15The module consists of 7 areas that provide a structured journey through all aspects of blended learning.  These areas are shown on the left.

Each of these areas is then divided into a number of sub-areas which clearly explain the topic.  The descriptions are supported by videos, diagrams, links to external sources and a wide range of online activities which engage you in the material and encourage you to reflect on your own practice, your teaching units, programmes, faculty and institution.

The material is fully referenced with up to date references.

Tests at the end of most modules allow you to see how much you have understood and remembered.Screen Shot 2017-02-06 at 20.32.17

I have just completed the whole module and found it to be excellent.  The range of activities within the module is truly engaging and there is a lot of information to absorb.  I found I had learnt a lot from the module and this is evidenced by the number of notes I made as I went through and also some blog posts inspired by the material.

I would recommend the module to anyone who wants to gain a better appreciation and understanding of blended learning.  You can dip in and dip out as you wish and as time allows.  The module retains your progress so you can re-enter where you left off.

In terms of time, I would estimate that the module will take between 1 and 3 days to complete.  The actual time will depend on the degree to which you engage with the activities and how much time you spend following the links provided.  The more time you can give to the module, the deeper will be your understanding.

If you use the module, please let us know how you find it.  If you like it, please tell your colleagues.

You can access the module by logging into myBU and then clicking on the Blended Learning icon on the left of the screen:

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