Head of CEL – job opportunity

We have a great opportunity – please come and work with us! Details below…Head of CEL –

Professorial appointment will be considered for suitable candidates.

Bournemouth University is a successful, modern institution with a growing reputation. It is recognised as one of the most innovative universities in the UK and the most popular modern university for high achieving students.

We are now seeking an exceptional candidate with the expertise, skills and personal attributes to bring inspirational leadership and strategic direction to the Centre for Excellence in Learning (CEL).

In this role, you will lead and embed CEL at BU, working under the Deputy Vice-Chancellor to provide strategic vision and an implementation plan to develop the highest quality academic facilitators of learning. CEL is an important initiative contributing to innovation in learning and a high quality student experience, helping to deliver the University’s strategic plan, and ensure that the University secures excellent outcomes within the teaching excellence framework.

As a high performing academic, you will be a leader, committed to collaboration, and able to develop effective relationships with colleagues across BU in order to take forward education innovation and best practice.


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