Want to try a ‘mini’ online course? Try the SEDA ‘Online Introduction to Educational Change’

Colleagues, this may be of interest to some…Debbie


Dear SEDA Colleagues

Bookings are now open for Online Introduction to Educational Change.

This 4-week online workshop will run from 20th February until 17th March 2017.

This workshop has recently been re-designed to follow an ‘inquiry-based learning’ approach. Using the SEDA Values as a guiding framework, participants will explore and co-construct meaning in relation to their practice. This is done with support from everyone involved. This short collaborative event is entirely online and offers a flexible model of professional development. Throughout the workshop, participants will be working as a ‘community of inquiry’ with the agenda very much driven by the interests of those involved. Through dialogue and interaction, participants share and discuss current practice in a relational approach. The activities and resources typically generate diverse perspectives to inform thinking and offering practical ideas to support educational change.

Further details and registration form<http://seda.ac.uk/online-introduction-educational-change>.

Best wishes


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