Visit to the LSE

Yesterday, members of Library and Learning Support and CEL visited the multi-award winning Learning Technology and Innovation (LTI) department of the London School of Economics (LSE).

The visit was arranged by Chris Fowler, Head of Library and Learning Support (LLS) and Professor Debbie Holley and builds on a close working relationship between BU and the LSE LTI, headed up by Peter Bryant, a keynote speaker from this year’s CELebrate conference.

LSE LTI have won five awards this year for their work in supporting academic staff in teaching and learning innovation.  Understanding more about the LTI’s processes and strategies is particularly important to LLS and CEL at this time as we are about to choose the new virtual learning environment.  The two years planned for the implementation offers us a great opportunity to bring innovation into our teaching and learning and to develop processes, standards and approaches which significantly benefit the student experience at BU.

Some of the staff who visited the LSE yesterday:

lse-visitFrom left to right: David Biggins, Stephen Pyne, Dave Hunt, Kimberley Mills, Chris Fowler, Debbie Holley, Scott Hedger and Vince Clark.

John Moran and Hayley Sarian were also part of the BU visitors in what was a very useful visit.  We are hoping to arrange a reciprocal visit next year to continue our dialogue and information sharing.


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