Faculty completion of the digital skills self-assessment questionnaire

We have been running this questionnaire since the launch of the TEL Toolkit in February.

In addition to asking academic staff to complete the questionnaire in CEL workshops, on the TEL Toolkit and here in the CEL blog, we have been supported in ESEC and the DDEs as we strive for the highest possible completion rate.  Our aspiration is that academic staff complete the questionnaire at least once per year.  This is so that individuals can gain a better understanding of their digital skills and identify developmental opportunities and also that the organisation can gear itself up to better support and develop staff.  The end goal of both of these objectives is an improved student experience.

The questionnaire is already helping to shape how CEL supports staff.  Click here for the most recent analysis of the data.

We are progressing towards our completion target.  Here are the completion rates for each faculty.

FoM …….. 54%
HSS …….. 46%
SciTech … 43%
FMC …….. 17%

If you have not yet completed the questionnaire, please click on this link.  The questionnaire is anonymous and takes no more than 15 minutes.

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