Helping students and staff with Microsoft Excel

screen-shot-2016-10-20-at-08-13-06Excel is the predominant tool for calculations in the world and contains a fantastic array of functions and features.

The feedback from employers linked to the Faculty of Management is that Excel skills are one of the main areas that BU placement students and graduates would benefit from developing further.

I am testing the water to see if there would be benefit from established some form of community to help staff and students to become more confident in using Excel?

There are many resources available to help people learn Excel so part of the remit of such a group could be collate and organise the best resources available.  It could also encourage and support people to gain the Microsoft qualification in Excel.

Using the new facilities such as F202, we could bring people together for regular sessions where, for example, we focus on an area of Excel, split up into groups to work on problems, develop people’s skills at different levels, etc.

For staff, in addition to gaining confidence and expertise, we could look at assessment using Excel, building Excel tasks into the curriculum etc.

The group could also liaise with industry and alumni to find out exactly what skills are needed/expected.

If you would be interested in taking this idea forward, please contact me.

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