Careers and Employability CEL Seminar

A few weeks ago, the Careers and Employability Service delivered a well received, thought-provoking,  seminar for CEL focusing on the topic of employability and career guidance.


Participants were asked to consider how their own careers have evolved and whether or not they had received advice and guidance along the way. It seemed for most, their career journey had not been planned and various factors and influences had led them to their current role.

The careers team facilitating the CEL seminar – Alison Armstrong, Jane Pimblett and Penny Ballantyne talked through the services provided by Careers and Employability at BU and asked attendees to think about ways in which the C & E provision could be communicated more effectively to BU students and how we embed employability in our programmes.

A lively and interesting discussion ensued and provided opportunities to share best practice and opened up opportunities for future collaboration across faculties.  The C & E team asked attendees to complete the attached questionnaire to help inform C & E’s  work and how they could extend their reach across the university.

If you would be willing and kind enough to download, complete and return the crib sheet questionnaire to Alison Armstrong via email to: she would be extremely grateful.

Crib sheet for CEL Seminar

If you have any views, ideas, thoughts you would like to share, please feel free to comment below.

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