Project flexibility increases future career success!

By Wendy Bardsley, Faculty of Management.

The Faculty of Management held a project event recently which brought together a variety of Level Six Business Students who are working on their final year project.

p6Faculty of Management Project Event March 2016

The event highlights the success of offering four different project options to undergraduates which gives them the flexibility they need to make the right choice…

P1Supervisors Martyn Polkinghorne, Carly Lamont and Karen Thompson

Project Supervisor Martyn Polkinghorne who works on several project options can see the benefits. “I think it’s a good idea having the four options as each student has different needs and requirements and each student is on a different career path. A lot of students take the option which plays to their strengths. However, we as academics need to give them advice to help them choose the best option for them as they may struggle to make the right choice.”

Reflective Project Co-ordinator Carly Lamont is delighted with being able to offer a variety of options. “The Entrepreneurship Project option is great for students who are thinking about running their business. There are some students who have set their own business up in the placement year so this option gives them the flexibility and time and space to put their ideas into practice.”

p2Business Student Tomas Santos and Project Unit Leader Jens Mohrenweiser

Business student Tomas Santos is working on the final stages of his Reflective Practitioner Project. “I choose this option as it suits my learning style. I can critically express myself in terms of what I have done in my placement. It has developed my self-analysis and research skills as I’m exploring how appraisal processes may influence motivation and job satisfaction.”

p3Level Six Business Student Max Stonier

Business Student Max Stonier is enjoying his Research Project journey. “It’s great having a choice for the Project Unit. I choose the Research Project option as I want to focus on one topic and research it in depth. It’s important to start early and keep organized. I have lots of ‘to do’ lists!”

Consultancy Project Co-ordinator Karen Thompson firmly believes that by offering the flexibility of four options students can play to their strengths and choose the right option which supports their future career pathway.

p4Supervisors Karen Thompson and Sukanya Ayatakshi Endow

The event which is held on an annual basis is a great way for students to share good practice. Business students Shamima, Giselle and Alice are pleased with their choice of project. “Having the options are great for me” added Alice. “I had a good placement and the Reflective option allows me to evaluate and reflect on this experience. Analytical writing isn’t my strength and I feel the Reflective Practitioner option is better for my learning style and helps me to develop my analytical and reflective skills.”

p5Business Students Shamima Islam, Giselle Cooper and Alice Barnes

Head of Department Lois Farquharson supports the variety of options on offer to the final year students. “Having the flexibility in Level Six is important for the students. It’s very much about the choice of skills they want to develop for the future employer. They make decisions around this and work with supervisors who understand the project and who are enthusiastic about their research and subject choices.”

Faculty of Management supervisors are clear about the kind of flexibility they want to give their research supervisees. Students return from placement and want to know they have chosen a project option which suits their strengths and career aspirations. Having the four options ensures maximum flexibility and choice for students who want to get the most out of the project experience.

Level Six Project Options for Business Students in the Faculty of Management are:

Research Project

Consultancy Project

Reflective Practitioner Project

Entrepreneurship Project

For more information relating to the Project Options please contact Wendy Bardsley:

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