Video series on Open Education Policy

From Cable Green, apologies for cross posting

Mark Jenkins and Boyoung Chae at Open Washington asked me to share this new video series on open education policy:

I have watched them all – and I highly recommend you take the time to watch them too. They are fabulous!

The videos / discussions address:

  • What is OER policy?
  • What do OER policies look like in practice?
  • How do open policies impact OER projects?
  • How do governments understand OER policy?
  • Is policy always necessary in successful OER initiatives?

The videos are six multimedia “courselets” — video and associated resources that together comprise a primer on open education policy and practice, including an introduction to OER policy, case studies, and a reflection on the national and global context of OER policy.

The participants include national and international OER advocates Hal Plotkin, Paul Stacey, Nicole Allen, Mary Burgess, Richard Sebastian, Daniel DeMarte, and Mark Jenkins.

The target audience is primarily mid-level college leaders — administrators who have an ‘open’ project or funding source dropped in their lap and need to acquire some usable context quickly, and who may be charged with implementing an open education policy at their institution.

Kudos to the entire team who created this well-produced, CC BY licensed video series!

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