Student Development Award – stand out from the crowd

The BU Student Development Award – stand out from the crowd

Our Award supports students from all levels and all Schools in developing a range of employability skills that enable them to demonstrate workplace experience to potential employers.

Students have the opportunity to achieve recognition in over 100 extra-curricular activities including

  • Representation, Clubs & Societies and BU Volunteering
  • Personal & Professional Development, Languages and Media
  • Ambassador, PAL and Employment
  • Sport, Art and Music
  • Community volunteering, Business and Event Management

These opportunities empower our students to develop skills that are essential to becoming successful throughout their career, encouraging life-wide learning and reflection, with the added bonus of creating an E-Portfolio of experience to present to potential employers.

While involving themselves in a range of chosen activities, students build confidence in crucial attributes including

  • Time-management
  • Adaptability
  • Collaborative working
  • Problem-solving
  • Intercultural awareness

and many more skills that employers value in graduates.

In our students’ own words:-

“I’m so pleased – I’ve worked very hard and I’m so proud to have achieved this”

“This is fantastic – I’ve really enjoyed helping others to develop their skills and it’s helped me

to achieve this success”

“I’m ecstatic! The recognition of my hard work and dedication to making the most of every

opportunity, whilst helping others, has been emotionally rewarding.”

The process of reflection and gathering of evidence to into an e-portfolio, embeds the development in preparation for placements, job applications and interviews as well as on-going confidence to progress towards future career goals.

Find out more about our BU Student Development Award and see samples of our students’ e-portfolios

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