CEL events at Festival of Learning 2016

The Centre for Excellence in Learning will be running two events at the next Festival of Learning 2016.

The first event captioned“Education Matters: share your story” will run from 11am – 4pm on Sunday 26 June 2016 and will consist of series of stalls in the community (potentially in the Bournemouth Lower Gardens). As an inclusive, participative and informal event, it will capture narratives of the people, occasions and places that inspire or inspired learning in formal and informal contexts. Participants will contribute their narratives through a variety of media, creating a living archive of memories, perspectives, and highlights of their learning experiences that will potentially inform teaching practices at BU. The interactivity will involve audio, video or written or drawn responses.

Education is a common shared experience between all of us, but our learning experiences and memories of education will be very different.  Join us to share your inspirational learning experiences – people, places or events – and help to influence learning and teaching for the next generation.


The second event will be led by CEL’s Postdoc Research Fellow Marcellus Mbah, alongside Michelle Heward as representatives of the Research Staff Association. As part of the FoL 2016, the BU Research Staff Association (RSA)’s event captioned “Making a difference through research: research with impact” will showcase the wider impact of a number of research projects across BU. Representatives from  local organisations (council, NHS, charities) and the public will be able to connect with the wide array of research that spans across BU (including Business and Management, Tourism, Media, Education, Dementia and Health and Social Care), and explore how it informs policy, shapes professional practice,  and influence debates. The session will last for three hours from 4pm – 7pm  on Tuesday 28 June and will take place in K103, Talbot Campus of BU.

Research that makes a difference and responds to societal need is at the heart of BU’s mission.  Join staff from BU’s Research Staff Association to learn about some of our innovative research projects and how they are changing the world beyond academia through informing policy, shaping professional practice and influencing debates.

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