Digital work-life-balance: ‘Going off the grid’: Can employees really switch off during travel?

The half-day event takes place on Wednesday, 9th of March 2016 from 12.00-17.00 at Bournemouth University, UK, Talbot Campus, Kimmeridge House.

The event aims to discuss the idea of ‘going off the grid’ and asks: What happens if ‘switching off’ is no longer an option in our hyper-connected and work-centred lifestyles?

Event background and description:

Technologies have had a massive impact on society and transformed how we work, live and experience travel. Social and mobile technologies have particularly enabled people to connect on an unprecedented scale, with any device, anywhere and at any time. While technologies enhance our professional and private lives in numerous ways, there is increasing evidence that people are no longer ‘switching off’. Leisure travel, grounded in the motivation of escapism and the reversal of everyday life, has traditionally had the purpose to switch off, refresh and restore body and mind. What happens however if ‘going off the grid’ is no longer an option in our hyper-connected and work-centred lifestyles?

The event opens a debate on changed work life balance realities in a digital world. It engages academics, tourism, technology, occupational health and HR professionals in a dialogue about the wider challenges and expectations towards connectivity of employees in the context of travel.

The audience will consist of a broad range of representatives from the tourism, technology and HR industry and academia, students and the wider public.

Following our event we would like to invite you to an evening reception from 16.30 – 19.00 for a get-together and networking evening with professionals in the field.

The event is free. Feel free to extend the invitation to any interested colleagues, your students and your networks. As spaces are limited, register early to secure your place.

Please find the event flyer attached. See the programme and book your free ticket through Eventbrite:
We look forward to seeing you at our event.

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