Education for Sustainable Development – and could you consider Fairtrade?

In the next few weeks, Professor Chris Shiel will be sending out a call for case studies (it’s going to be a competition with prizes) to gather case studies of approaches used at BU to develop the knowledge, skills and competences to address the need for sustainable development. Chris will be asking staff to illustrate how their teaching and learning is preparing learners to make a better job of sustaining the planet than previous generations (more details to follow).

In the meantime can we remind you that Fairtrade Fortnight is the 29 February – 13 March.

The theme this year is ‘Sit down for Breakfast, stand up for farmers’.

As part of being a Fairtrade University, we commit to educating our students about how Fairtrade, as an alternative mechanism, works to support those less fortunate and with less opportunity to participate in trading systems. Fairtrade is one aspect of BU’s work to be a sustainable university.

Would you please (where you can) try to introduce the concept of Fairtrade to your students during Fairtrade Fortnight. Here is a link to a book Chris and a colleague wrote when they introduced Fairtrade to BU.

It can be a challenge to introduce Fairtrade in some subjects but if you can, it would be really appreciated. Alternatively, perhaps you could consider holding an event in your Faculty/Department – a Fairtrade Breakfast perhaps?

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