Fair access project fund – proposals to be submitted by 16 Jan 16

BU’s Fair Access Agreement includes a project fund to support Fair Access (FA) and Widening Participation (WP) projects, research and innovation. Faculties and Professional Services are invited to bid for funding to support specific and targeted projects that will have FA or WP impact. The projects will contribute to and inform the growing evidence base on FA and WP work. We would also welcome applications for projects involving organisations external to BU where there is a clear link to WP and there is a BU staff member sponsor who holds a steering role in the project.

In addition, we invite colleagues to bid for research or activity based projects on the following priority themes:

A proportion of the available funding will be reserved to support projects specifically addressing the themes. Projects tackling WP or FA matters outside of these themes are also welcome.

Please note that projects must commence in 2015-16, however, they can extend into later years as the nature of a project dictates. Funds for 2016-17 are limited and we strongly encourage the majority of expenditure and activity to be completed by 31 July 2016.

How to submit a proposal
To submit a proposal for funding, please complete the application form by Friday 15 January 2016 and email it to Lukasz Naglik.

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