A new teaching and learning philosophy for a new building


The new Talbot building, Fusion Building 1 or FB1 for short, is progressing well with new developments visible to passers by every day.

The plan is for the building to be released to us around Easter with its use for teaching commencing in September 2016.

The screens around the side of the site provide an artist’s impression of how the new building will look and there is ever-increasing convergence between these panels and the physical building behind them.

FB1featuresOne of the panels lists the facilities expected to be available in FB1.  Along with the new building, CEL are working with the Faculties who will be using the new facilities to assist them to deliver innovative, engaging and effective teaching and learning.   In effect, a new teaching and learning philosophy for a new building.  Thinking differently about how space is used, how technology can enhance learning and how best to leverage the skills and experience of our staff, systems and processes are some of the many areas that we are exploring and discussing.

We will keep you updated with progress in the coming months.  In the interim, if you have any questions, please let us know.

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