Starting in 2010, SUBU have adopted a culture of recognising and rewarding professional and service excellence amongst BU staff via an initiative captioned “YOU’RE BRILLIANT AWARDS”. This year was no exception as students nominated staff who they think are brilliant as academics or in rendering services to the student body, but also have been immensely fun to work with, and are extremely contented to present to other members of staff.

You're Brilliant Award

The awards this year were given out on the occasion of the 2015 VC’s Staff Awards. The following members of BU community were happy recipients of You’re Brilliant Awards under the Silver category (underneath each name is a deserving comment from a student nominator):

Most Brilliant Lecturer

David Biggins of the Faculty of Management

 “He has made the lecture fun, interesting and engaging! He is a role model for all lecturers and really shows he cares for the development of his students”


Most Brilliant Support for International Students

Professor Adele Ladkin of the Faculty of Management

 “She always speaks slowly when teaching, that for me a foreign student, I can understand easily”


Most Brilliant Teacher/Demonstrator

Neil Goridge of the Faculty of Media & Communication

 “He always takes his time to help students with their equipment making sure we get what we need to complete our shoots”


Most Brilliant Support Staff or Staff in other Services

Victoria Cracknell of the Faculty of Management

 “Vicky is great – well organised, enthusiastic and always responds to queries very quickly”


Most Brilliant Peer Assisted Learning (PAL) Leader

Hayden Lewis of the Faculty of Science & Technology

 “He has gone beyond the levels of any PAL Leader…He stayed with us from 10:00am until after mid-night, helping all of us finish our projects, instead of doing his own work”


The highly coveted SUBU’s ‘most outstandingly brilliant’ Gold Award went to

David Biggins of the Faculty of Management

 “He goes above and beyond, he’s the best lecturer the course has definitely!”


Congratulations to all the SUBU Award recipients for contributing to the student experience at BU!


It is also worth noting that the You’re Brilliant Research led by Dr Lois Farquharson, Susanne Clarke and Dr Anita Diaz, will continue, supported by the U/G Research Assistant (URAP) fund as these awards create an opportunity for members of the university community to learn more about what aspects of student and staff interactions are most valued by our students and staff.


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