Journal of Information Literacy vol 9 (2) now out

Thanks to editor Emma Coonan for sharing

Dear Colleagues,

I am thrilled to announce that volume 9(2) of the Journal of Information Literacy is now available at – please find the table of contents below.

As a first-time editor, it has been an absolute privilege to be involved with the publication of this issue and to have had a sneak preview of such excellent material. I hope you will enjoy reading it as much as I have!

Emma Coonan
Editor-in-Chief, Journal of Information Literacy


Can playing Minecraft improve teenagers’ information literacy? Sandra Bebbington, Andre Vellino

Using connectivism to guide information literacy instruction with tablets Andrea Wilcox Brooks

Picking up the cool tools: working with strategic students to get bite-sized information literacy tutorials created, promoted, embedded, remembered and used Hazel Rothera

Drop-in sessions as an effective format for teaching information literacy: a case study in the Medical and Dental Libraries at Queen Mary University of London Paula Funnell

Ethnography as pedagogy in library orientations Angela Pashia, Jessica Critten

Information literacy in LIS education: exploring the student view Charles Inskip

Articles from LILAC

Are librarians teachers? Investigating academic librarians’ perceptions of their own teaching skills Emily Wheeler, Pamela McKinney


Final report on the National Forum on Information Literacy (NFIL) Sharon A. Weiner, Lana W. Jackman

Conference corner

WILU 2015: Sea change in Newfoundland Alan Carbery

ECIL 2015: Information literacy in the greenhouse Stephane Goldstein, Chris Morrison, Jane Secker, Geoff Walton

Book reviews

Book review of Markgraf, J., Hinnant, K., Jennings, E. and Kishel, H. 2015. Maximizing the one-shot: connecting library instruction with the curriculum. Stephanie Farley

Book review of Kelly J.V. and Zurkowski, P. 2015. Zurkowski’s 40 year information literacy movement. Pamela McKinney

Book review of Ishiyama, J., Miller, W.J. and Simon, E. (eds). 2015. Handbook on teaching and learning in political science and international relations. Lauren Smith
Dr. Emma Coonan, FHEA
Information Skills Librarian
Library, University of East Anglia
Norwich Research Park
Norwich NR4 7TJ
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