Special call of the Fusion Investment Fund

A special round of the Co-Creation and Co-Production Strand of the Fusion Investment Fund (FIF) opens today.

As part of the University’s Global Engagement Plan, the first ASEAN Hub of Practice was launched through the last round of the FIF. We are now looking to set up two more Hubs of Practice in India and China and we welcome applications in support of this.

Hubs of Practice are built around creating a unique network of partners and collaborators that are connected into business, government, community, and academia. As set out in the Global Engagement Plan, they represent a key vehicle through which we intend to expand our intellectual capital and its impact, regionally, nationally and globally.

We know that this is as ever a busy time of year for everyone and so we have set the deadline for applications as 12pm on Monday 18th January 2016. For all the updated strand policy documents, application form and more information please visit the FIF website, the Global BU pages on the intranet and the Global Engagement Plan.

If you would like to discuss your ideas please contact globalbu@bournemouth.ac.uk. For enquiries about the application process please contact the Fusion Fund.

Thank you, good luck and we look forward to receiving your applications in the New Year.

John and Sonal.

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