Call to academics to participate in flipped classroom resource bid

How often do you hear students saying ‘oh that was really boring’ about various lecture content, even though we, as lecturers, thought that was our best ever explanation of a challenging topic?

The flipped classroom is one method of addressing undergraduate apathy towards lectures and traditional methods of teaching.

The optimal two-way relationship is often not present in classrooms, having a negative impact on both lecturers and students. Therefore, moving away from basic knowledge acquisition in the classroom and using class time for problem solving and meaningful student engagement may improve both students’ and lecturers’ motivation and attitude to learning.

Erika Borkoles in the FoM is seeking like-minded academics from any Faculty who would like to be part in preparing fun and engaging vodcasts of psychological theories of behaviour change used in both mainstream and sport & exercise psychology.  Erika is also looking for media and psychology students who would be prepared to interview staff about the usefulness of these theories and produce the vodcasts.

Erika is planning to submit a CEL Fusion bid on this topic by 9 November so please contact Erika asap for more information.

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