“It fell flat. I thought I was in a university lecture”

If you saw the Apprentice, episode 2, last night you will have heard Baroness Brady utter these words (at 50 minutes and 40 seconds).

In the same episode, Baroness Brady points out how insulting stereotypes can be but I fear she has steroetyped universities and ignored all the excellent work that nowadays goes on inside and outside their walls.

I have written to Baroness Brady this morning and invited her to come to BU to see how a modern university delivers engaging and innovative teaching and learning.

I hope to hear back from her with an acceptance of the invitation.

One Response to ““It fell flat. I thought I was in a university lecture””

  1. susanne's avatar susanne

    Hi David,

    Well done and thank you for doing this and I am sure that
    Baroness Brady will be very impressed with our innovative learning and teaching and hope she does take you up on your helpful invite.


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