Building cohort identity

CohortiToday’s CEL seminar was on the subject of cohort identity and was excellently presented by Geli Roushan and Susanne Clarke.  The fact that there was cake at the seminar in no way influenced this blogger’s view of the event!

A ‘Cohort’ is an organisational group that can evolve at different levels eg a seminar group, unit, programme, faculty or institution. The focus of the seminar was on student cohorts but staff and alumni are members of one of more cohorts too.

Fostering a sense of cohort identity engenders good relationships, bonds between members and a shared sense of purpose.  A strong identity is a very positive attribute for a group.

The seminar looked at BU staff who have worked to create and develop a deep sense of cohort identity with their students.  Example included to design and printing of hoodies for one programme, taking students off-campus to build social ties and mutual understanding and the inclusion of students in unit decision-making.

Lots of ideas were captured from those who attended the event today.  These are being written up so that they can be more widely disseminated.

In the interim, we wanted to ask you how you build cohort identity?  Please comment on this post and let us know.

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