myBU Rollover begins this week

This Friday 7th August is the start of the annual myBU rollover. “Rollover” is a general term used to describe the creation and preparation of units for the new academic year. Units are, in the first instance prepared in the VLE Data Management System (VLEDMS) which is the intermediary system between UNIT-e (currently) and myBU. All myBU unit and student enrolment data is derived directly from UNIT-e.

Once built in the curriculum, units appear in the VLEDMS. Nominated individuals (in LLS we call them Staff Assigners) then attach academic colleagues to the units and set the unit’s publish flag which allows the units to be created in myBU. In a minority of cases, the Staff Assigners will also merge or split units to match taught delivery.

Where necessary, Staff Assigners will also match the new units to units from the previous academic year which allows unit content to be inherited from the previous academic year when the unit is created in myBU. Where units have been matched, the academics assigned in the previous academic year can also be inherited if appropriate. This content copying is really where the term “rollover” comes from.

Once the new units have been created in myBU, they can then be prepared for the start of the Academic Year. New students will then gain access to their units 1 week before the start of their programme (around 14th September) and continuing students gain access to their units 2 weeks before the start of their programme (around 7th September).

You will then begin to see your new units with the copied content from Friday onwards. Please have a look to check that your content has copied over correctly, and that you can see all the units you need. In LLS and IT, we do rely on input from everyone so we can ensure issues are identified and resolved.

If you do come across any problems with your myBU units following rollover, or at any time, please contact the IT Service Desk in the first instance on (01202) 9  65515 or log the issue at This means your query will quickly be directed to the right people if it cannot be immediately resolved, and also provides a log of issues arising which helps LLS and IT identify any widespread problems as soon as possible.

If you have any questions about the rollover process in general,  please get in touch with your Faculty Learning Technologists:

Faculty of Health and Social Sciences:
Faculty of Management:
Faculty of Media and Communication:
Faculty of Science andTechnology:


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