Tablet Talk

Since January 2014 LLS have run a series of sessions under the heading ‘Tablet Talk’. The idea for these sessions came from the ‘iPad Coffee Club’ run at Southampton University by our former colleague Tamsyn Smith.

Tablet Talk is essentially a place and time for colleagues to meet and share practice and experiences in the various ways that mobile devices can be used to enhanced learning and teaching. The sessions are typically orientated around a particular theme or question that is introduced at the start, often by a colleague who has been using mobile devices in a particular way with students or/and who has conducted research into such use.  The conversation is typically freeform, and often progresses into a variety of directions.  There is also an opportunity to discuss any other issues or questions that participants may bring with them.

Themes from previous Tablet Talks include:

  • Online Assessment and feedback with the iPad
  • Using mobile devices with the cloud
  • Using mobile devices in the Practice Skills and Academic environments
  • Is Higher Education now Post-PC?

The next session will be on 4th June at 2pm. It will focus on the uptake and use of devices by students. SciTech’s Keith Pretty has been carrying out research into this area and will give a preliminary overview of some of his recent findings. This will then lead into a free discussion about the experiences, practices, challenges and opportunities of presented by student’s using devices.


To book a place on the next Tablet Talk, please go to

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