CELebrate Conference 26-29 May

The CELebrate 2015 Conference takes place in BU next week.

Tuesday 26 May | Wednesday 27 May | Thursday 28 May | Friday 29 May


Tuesday 26 May

Welcome and introduction to CEL

10am – 11am, CEL learning space – PG30a

Presenters: Gail Thomas, Chris Keenan, Susanne Clarke

Mapping out an ideal student experience – the voice of our students

11am – noon, PG30a

Presenter: Ellie Mayo-Ward, SUVP Education

Stop, start, keep: How we can use feedback from our students to create a great student experience. Interactive and thought provoking workshop.

Show and Tell Stands

12.15 – 12.45, Poole House Reception:

  • CEL@BU – Chris Keenan
  • An annual snapshot of Peer Assisted Learning – Charlotte Thackeray
  • The Parents’ Story Project: Sharing insights into parental substance use – Mel Hughes
  • Smart Fusion: Business projects on a postcard – Milena Bobeva
  • Working collaboratively with undergraduate students to develop an on-line resource for an inter-professional educational approach to pain management – Desi Tait
  • Supporting Breastfeeding: it takes a whole community – Sue Way
  • Education and REF 2020 – Julian McDougall

Peer Assisted Learning (PAL) and Student as Partners: Power, tokenism or non-participation?

1pm – 2pm, PG30a

Presenter: Neil Ford

The session will review BU’s PAL scheme against four factors identified in the recent HEA report Engagement Through Partnership: Students as Partners in Learning and Teaching in Higher Education (Healy, Flint and Harrison, 2014), which are:  Learning Teaching and Assessment, subject based research and inquiry, scholarship of teaching and learning, and, curriculum design and pedagogic consultancy. There will be a focus on students’ reflections of their development as PAL leaders; it will describe typical peer learning activities and the transformative learning that PAL leaders gain from facilitating the sessions. There will be a chance to view a student co-creation project that employed media school students to create films researching different aspects of PAL.

Cohort identity

2pm – 4pm, PG30a

Presenters: Gelareh Roushan, Anita Diaz and Susanne Clarke

This workshop will be interactive and designed to encourage the sharing of ideas and practice leading to a greater sense of belonging, engagement and satisfaction across cohorts with BU. This session will explore a number of factors including promoting engagement through academic societies and the role that all staff play in building a strong BU community.  The presenters have designed the workshop with a celebratory theme and will focus on key themes which are within the control of tutors and staff at BU.


Wednesday 27 May

Celebrating student inspired improvement

10am – 11am, PG30a

Presenter: Steve Keen

Student inspired improvement not only relates to the excellent improvement work students have completed in their health and social care workplaces, but also how they have inspired us, as academics to improve the way we teach our programme. In the workshop Steve will be reflecting on the Circle of Learning carousel presented by undergraduate, masters and doctoral student at the Service Excellence Conference and showing examples of these projects. The development of “curiosity” will be a key focus of the workshop including fun activities like the smartie challenge.

Employability and the Global Agenda

11am – noon, PG30a

Presenters: Kelly Goodwin and Marcellus Mbah

The Employability and Globalisation agendas are key strategic priorities at Bournemouth University. CEL work over the past two years on Employability has looked at the feasibility and/or the effectiveness of a variety of pedagogic tools designed to address co and extra-curricular development of employability skills in students, the matter of student and academic engagement in these initiatives and ways to help bring to fruition BU’s Strategic Plan employability objectives. Outcomes and work on-going will be discussed as well as a new research initiative investigating the placement experience of International level H BU Students.

Show and Tell Stands

12.15 – 12.45, Poole House Reception:

  • CEL@BU  and Mapping Peer Led Academic Learning UK – Chris Keenan
  • Employability and Work Based Learning (CEL Theme) – Carly Lamont
  • Inspirational teaching using Technology (CEL Theme) – David Biggins
  • Changing the Learning Landscape – Gelareh Roushan
  • What Service Excellence can do for you – Susanne Clarke

Welcome and introduction to CEL  

2pm – 4pm, Wellbeing Centre, Bournemouth House

Presenters: Gail Thomas, Chris Keenan, Susanne Clarke, David Biggins


Thursday 28 May

Launch of Succeed at BU

10am – noon, PG30a

Presenters: Bethan Collins, Anita Diaz and Jane de Vekey

Succeed at BU is a practical strategy and toolkit within CEL which consists of a combination of policy, practical student/staff support and underpinning pedagogic research focusing on student retention and attainment. It integrates this range of resources to enable student success by promoting four key measures of success: student inclusion, engagement, retention and achievement. This session will introduce the Succeed at BU strategy and an example toolkit we are developing with HEA funding to foster student engagement in personal development through co-curricular learning opportunities. We will welcome discussion of how Succeed at BU can be most effectively used by BU staff and students.

Show and Tell Stands

12.15 – 12.45, Poole House Reception:

  • Student Centred Learning using Peerwise – David Biggins
  • CEL and Mapping Peer Lead academic learning UK – Chris Keenan
  • Internationalising the curriculum and Internationally Informed Internationalisation – Chris Shiel
  • Global Student – Mo Haffar
  • Innovative pedagogy- Interactive web-based slides and the flipped classroom – Demetra Andreou, Paul Albinson
  • What Service Excellence can do for you – Susanne Clarke

Appreciating Appreciative Inquiry

1pm – 2pm, PG30a

Presenters: Lois Farquharson and Susanne Clarke

Appreciative Inquiry is now a widely recognised process for engaging people in all areas of work and society in development and change. Based around conversational practice, positive questioning and developing relationships, it can radically increase individual and group capacity for collaboration and change. This workshop is practical in nature and will therefore contain activities which offer experience of working with the AI technique and reflecting on how, where and when you might use it in future. This workshop will include an overview of the use of AI at BU to gain a deeper understanding of the factors which go towards creating a positive student experience.

An exploration of the potential of learning development to demystify student learning

2pm – 4pm, PG30a

Presenters: Marian Mayer and John Hilsdon

This session will explore the practice of learning development with an overview by John Hilsdon of the professionalization of learning development as a field of practice, followed by a discussion of subject specific approaches as practiced in the BU Faculty of Media and Communication. There will also be a workshop session applying learning development approaches to the topic of critical thinking. Find out more about John at www.plymouth.ac.uk/staff/john-hilsdon.


Friday 29 May

CELebrate stories

11am – 12.30pm, PG30a

To round off the week, a party is being held to celebrate all that is brilliant about BU.

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