CEL Events & Communications

The Centre for Excellence in Learning offers opportunities for colleagues to come together to discuss topics of pedagogic importance, to share good practice and to inspire each other.

We have organised a range of events and activities that may interest different groups of academics. We appreciate your support both in attending these events and feeding back about their value. Please take this opportunity to enjoy a bit of thinking space, meet new colleagues and generate some enthusiasm around the value of learning.

To view the full list of dates for all CEL events and activities view the CEL Events Schedule.

Programme Leader Drop-In Sessions

These sessions are open to any programme leader at BU to drop in to discuss topics of interest around a theme. They will offer opportunities to network, build relationships, consider issues relevant to their role and have a bit of thinking space.

They will be held 12.00- 1.30 one Wednesday per month in 2015 in room PG30a.

Planned sessions include:                                                                                                                                                          
Joff Cooke, SUBU: the value of academic societies
Dr Geli Roushan Acting DDE FM: working with students to create cohort identity
Susanne Clarke, Head of Service Excellence: happy staff, happy students
Dr Bethan Collins, Principal Academic HSS: inclusive learning

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Teach@BU- Introductory Briefing Sessions

Introductory briefing sessions are scheduled to take place later this month for colleagues interested in making an application for their teaching experience to be recognised by the HEA.

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Weekly drop-in Sessions

Weekly drop-in sessions will be available to support colleagues working on applications and offer advice and ideas on how an application might be strengthened.

There is no requirement to book to attend these sessions, however if you would like to do so please email Organisational Development.

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Friday Fun Days

These are open sessions for any colleagues interested in excellence in their jobs to come together and discuss initiatives, approaches and good ideas in a light hearted and inspiring way.

They will be facilitated by Susanne Clarke, Head of Service Excellence, and will take place between 10.00- 1.00 in room PG30a.

Topics to be confirmed, for example:
Be aware of your differences
Drop the pink elephant
Innovation/ making a difference

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To view the full list of dates for all CEL events and activities view the CEL Events Schedule.