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Holy Grail Route with Bounemouth University eTourism Lab

The second project meeting of the Holy Grail Route EU project took place on March 30th and 31st at the University of West London. The project partners discussed the country reports, experts’ interviews and training sessions for tourism stakeholders. Special attention was given to the development of a concept for the website for the Holy Grail project and to the creation of tourism products for the different destination hubs of the route. Also, the project partners discussed how to organise and disseminate the forthcoming Holy Grail conference that will take place in Jaca, Spain between November 26th and 29th 2015. For more information, please visit http://www.holygrailcongress.com/

This International Conference would like to be a place gathering tourism researchers and professionals, cultural and historical professionals interested in the Holy Grail Route (A Transnational Thematic Cultural Tourist Product in Europe) and other European and International Cultural Routes. The conference will be based on the following themes:

– Holy Grail Route, traditions, studies and legends
– Cultural Tourism
– Religious Tourism
– Historical Tourism

– Rural and Inland Tourism
– Management, Business & Marketing
– Social Networks on Tourism
– Best Practices on Responsible and Sustainable Tourism for improving Local Tourism

– Tourist Scientific Information
– Tourism Research Methods and Techniques
– Heritage Documentation

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