Gaming and Gamification in Tourism: Opening a New Tourism Experience

Gaming and the application of game elements in a non-gaming context (gamification) are emerging topics in business and marketing and now spreading into the tourism industry. This workshop will address both phenomenons gamification and location-based games and introduce best practices within the tourism industry. According to the WTM Global Trends Report 2012 gamification is one of the major trends in the next years. Many travel companies and destinations (Tourism Ireland, Australia Tourism Board, Lufthansa) and hospitality (Marriott, Starwood Hotels & Resorts) have already applied the concept of gaming in their business to create new experiences which are fun and engaging for customers and employees likewise.

In addition, games going mobile and provide new the opportunity to immerse tourists on-site throughout exciting storytelling and role-playing, challenges and social interaction with other players. Augmented Reality (AR) in combination with gaming will open more opportunities for tourists and visitors: to engage with a destination and its history, architecture, heritage and traditions; to interact not only with the physical surroundings but also with other people. By challenging the player throughout the destination visit, an AR gameplay merges the virtual and physical worlds and enhances the tourist experience in a fun and enjoyable, but more importantly memorable and unique way. The role of gaming and gamification is a cutting-edge concept in tourism marketing. Participants in this workshop will:

  • Understand the concept of gaming and its impact on the tourist experience
  • Learn how gaming can be applied in the tourism context
  • Learn from leading experts in the field about current best practices and future opportunities of gaming for the tourism industry

This event will chaired by Dimitrios Buhalis (Director of eTourism Lab at Bournemouth University) with number of speakers who are expert in the field, namely Jessika Weber, Feifei Xu, Dimitrios Buhalis (eTourism Lab Bournemouth University), Antonio Coelho (Porto University), Mads Haahr (Haunted Planet), Hans Petter Aalmo (Visit Norway), Roman Rackwitz (Engaginglab) and Francesco Terragni (Kayak). There will also  a Panel Discussion and Q&A Session where those experts will answer questions related to gaming and gamification in tourism field.

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