Dr. Feifei Xu

Dr Feifei Xu is a Senior Lecturer in Tourism Management with a specialist interest in nature tourism and sustainable tourism. Her research includes the social cultural impacts of tourism, tourism planning and development in protected areas and national parks. Before moving to England, she was a lecturer in the School of Geography in Nanjing University, China.  She was also a visiting scholar in Nottingham University, UK; University of Waterloo, Canada.

She has led a British Academic funded research project on the development of sustainable tourism in China and the UK. She has also conducted some cross cultural studies on students’ travel experiences.

Recently she has developed an interest in etourism with a particular focus on gamification. According to World Travel Market Report (2011), gamification is going to be a major trend within tourism industry for the coming years. She is currently leading a PhD studentship project on Augmented Reality Gaming “Augmented Reality Gaming: A New Paradigm for Tourist Experience?”

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  1. federico bomba

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