CIPPM launches seminar series with a talk on female inventors and patents

CIPPM Research Seminar Series

Thursday 29 February 2024, 16:00 (BST); EB305

CIPPM is pleased to announce its Seminar Series for 2024, which will feature presentations from policy makers, industry stakeholders, academics and practitioners.

Our first seminar will host Pauline Beck from the UK Intellectual Property Office.

In this talk, Pauline will be tracing a line through history in outlining the extraordinary contributions of female inventors in the world of patents! The event will highlight the innovative spirit of women who have shaped history with their ground-breaking creations. Get inspired by their stories and learn about the crucial role they play in driving progress and innovation. The talk will provide an insight into the fascinating world of inventions and patents through the lens of remarkable female inventors.

Pauline Beck is Head of Social Research and Statistics at the UK Intellectual Property Office and leads on the development of new statistics and social research relating to IP. Pauline works closely with creative industries, other government departments, and academia to address evidence gaps to inform better, evidence-based, policy decisions. In particular, Pauline explores creators’ earnings in the streaming age; inventorship; and counterfeit goods and online copyright infringement.