CIPPM research on AI and copyright featured on BBC News and The Conversation

CIPPM Director, Prof. Dinusha Mendis was featured on BBC News on 27th December 2023 in giving her opinion on the recent complaint filed by New York Times against OpenAI.

In the complaint lodged at the Federal District Court in Manhattan, the New York Times (NYT) alleged that OpenAI had unlawfully used millions of its copyrighted news articles, in-depth investigations, opinion pieces, reviews, how-to guides and more to train generative artificial intelligence (GenAI) tools such as ChatGPT.

Referring to recent cases such as the case of Getty Images against Stability AI, but, differentiating from it, Prof. Mendis outlined what this means for the future of AI and copyright.

You can watch Prof. Mendis on BBC News here. 

Prof. Mendis was also invited to write for The Conversation. Her article titled, ‘How a New York Times copyright lawsuit against OpenAI could potentially transform how AI and copyright work’ was published on 17th January 2024. In her article, Prof. Mendis states that this “case will not spell the end of generative AI or copyright. However, it certainly raises questions for the future of AI innovation and the protection of creative content. AI will certainly continue to grow and develop and we will continue to see and experience its many benefits. However, the time has come for policymakers to take serious note of these AI developments and update copyright laws, protecting creators in the process”.

You can read Prof. Mendis’ article here.