Observatory on transposition of Exceptions & Limitations

CIPPM / Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence has launched an Observatory on the national implementation of Directive (EU) 2019/790 on Copyright in the Digital Single Market, with a special focus on the provisions on exceptions and limitations in the Directive. The Observatory, in the form of a Wiki project, collects documents on the consultation and implementation process in all EU Member States, including how the differing implementations affect cross-border education, research and library activities within the European Research Area.

Exceptions & limitations in the DSM Directive include:

  • Text and data mining ( Art. 3 – 4 )
  • Cross-border teaching activities ( Art. 5 )
  • Preservation of cultural heritage ( Art. 6 )
  • Use of out-of-commerce works ( Art. 8 – 11 )
  • Works of visual art in the public domain ( Art. 14 )

The main aim of the Observatory is to closely monitor the process of transposition of these provisions in the laws of Member States, and to raise awareness about legislative approaches that may curtail their scope of application. To this end, the Observatory promotes the exchange of information and the highlighting and discussion of issues that arise over the implementation phase across the EEA.

You can access and contribute to the Wiki at the following address: