Visiting Research Fellows join CIPPM in Summer 2019

Three Visiting Research Fellows joined CIPPM / Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence this summer as part of the short-term residential fellowship programme 2019

Pieter van Cleynebruegel from the Liège Competition and Innovation Institute (LCII) of the University of Liège. Professor Van Cleynebruegel is a legal researcher on theories of regulation and their application to EU internal market rules, with a focus on regulatory approaches to new technologies. During his fellowship at CIPPM, professor Van Cleynebruegel will work on a project on the role of by-design obligations in ensuring that new technologies comply with the fundamental values. He gave a Research Seminar on By-design regulation and EU Law on 12 June.

Christine Riefa, Reader in Law at Brunel University Law school, is researcher at the intersection of consumer law and internet law. She joined CIPPM to work on a project for a research monograph on  Global E-Commerce and Consumer Protection. Her faculty research seminar is scheduled for 18 September.

Arno Lodder is Professor of Internet Governance and Regulation at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. During his stay at CIPPM he will work on art. 17 of the new Directive on Copyright in the Digital Single Market, with the aim of exploring the relation between art. 17 and the norms of the General Data Protection Regulation on automated decision making. On 3 July professor Lodder gave a research seminar on Regulation of algorithms: towards a taxonomy based on threats.