Guo He – What does Intellectual Property Law Aim to Protect?

Research Seminar – Tuesday, 16 October, 14:00, Room F201 (Fusion Building)

The development of IP law in the last 50 years has casted the doubt on the presumption that IP system is to protect or reward creators. Computer and the Information Technology (IT) are the greatest inventions in 20th Century.  The IT innovation has had a great impact on the development of IP system. What IP Law is aiming to protect is a particularly important question to answer when studying the IP protection accorded to IT innovation. Taking IP protection that has been accorded to IT as a case study, this talk will analyse what drives the development of IP law and what the law is aiming to protect.

Professor Guo He is deputy dean of Intellectual Property Academy at Renmin University of China (RUC), one of the top Universities in China. He has been invited to join the groups for drafting intellectual property laws and regulations in China, as well as the white or blue papers in intellectual property for China’s government. His research interest focuses on Industrial Property Law and Copyright Law. He has widely published on topics in these areas.