Antanina Garanasvili

Antanina Garanasvili is a Research Economist at the Centre for Intellectual Property Policy & Management. She is also a PhD Candidate in Economics at the University of Padova.

Antanina’s main area of expertise is in applied Microeconomics and Industrial Organization, with the focus on Innovation and Intellectual Property Economics, covering areas of Patents, Trademarks, Designs and Copyright. Antanina Garanasvili has previously worked with economist teams at EUIPO (European Union Intellectual Property Office), EPO (European Patent Office) and WIPO (World Intellectual Property Office). She also held a position of visiting PhD researcher at Queen Mary University of London.

Antanina has widely presented her academic research at international conferences such as SERCI (Society for Economic Research on Copyright Issues), EPIP (European Policy for Intellectual Property), IPSDM (Intellectual Property Statistics for Decision Makers), JEI (Jornadas de Economia Industrial) and SIEP (Italian Society of Public Economics). The economic studies she has worked on include “Intellectual Property Rights Intensive Industries: Contribution to Economic Performance and Employment in the European Union” published by EUIPO and EPO in 2013, “Breakthrough Innovation and Economic Growth” published by WIPO in 2015 and “Global Innovation Index” published by WIPO, INSEAD and Cornell University during 2014-2018.

Antanina is currently working on a project on illegal Internet streaming and IPTV across the European Union.