Regulating Internet Intermediaries in China: Legal and Empirical Evidence for Better Policy Making

Research workshop

Thursday 27 April 2017 – Executive Business Centre, room EB 701

Regulating Internet Intermediaries in China: Legal and Empirical Evidence for Better Policy Making is a the project funded by Arts Humanities Research Council UK and managed by the AHRC Centre for Digital Copyright and IP Research in China.

IP protection problems as the result of Internet-based technology and business innovation have wide repercussions on economic growth, consumer interests and cultural prosperity. This project therefore addresses the question of how China could develop a regulatory framework that

(1)        adequately protects IP interests

(2)        is compatible with the business models of Internet intermediaries

(3)        is responsive to the interests of consumers, in particular the poor

(4)        is consistent with the public interest in economic growth and technology and business innovation

Accordingly, the project is focussed on the interface between the conflicting needs of three relevant stakeholders, namely 1) copyright and trade mark owners, 2) operators of online platforms, and 3) end users. The research team has collected evidence on current practices and possible approaches to online enforcement of intellectual property rights in China.

Our research team consists of: Dr Lingling Wei (Primary Investigator), Professor Maurizio Borghi, Dr Fabian Homberg and Dr Marcella Favale from Centre of Intellectual Property Practice and Management, Bournemouth University and Professor Shunde Li and Dr Xianjue Li from the University of Chinese Academy of Science.


10.00-10.30: Coffee and Network

 10.30-10.45:  Welcome by Prof Maurizio Borghi at BU (English)

10.45-10.55: Project Brief by Dr Lingling Wei at BU (English)

10.55-11.40: Prof Shunde Li, University of China Academy of Sciences Internet Intermediary Liability: the Chinese Policy Context (Chinese)

11.40- 12.30: Dr Xianjue Luo, University of China Academy of Sciences The analysis of the Chinese judiciary decisions  (Chinese)

12.30-13.30: LUNCH

13.30-13.40: Dr Nan Jiang (senior Lecturer at the Faculty of Sciences BU) and Dr Lingling Wei: Demonstration of the database of Chinese judiciary decisions

13.40-14.10:   Dr Lingling Wei and Prof Maurizio Borghi Comparative study of EU and Chinese legislation

14.10-14.30: Dr Fabian Homberg (University of Southampton) Survey results

14.30-14.45: Coffee Break

14.45-15.30: Discussion on further development


NB: Interpretation service will be provided