Martin Senftleben: “The future of publishers in the online environment”

Public Lectures Series 2016

Thursday 17 March, 14:00, EB 206

In light of the challenges of digital technology, publishers are experimenting with new business models. As recent research results in the Netherlands show, these new models are based on a broader media experience, including community building, increased content aggregation, shared content production with users, and tailor-made content offers that seek to satisfy individual information needs during the course of the day. Against this background, the question arises which legal framework is necessary to support these initiatives and allow new business models in the publishing sector to flourish. After an overview of the main findings of the research undertaken in the Netherlands, the talk will address this question. In this context, issues of data base and trade mark protection will enter the picture besides copyright protection standards. Moreover, it will become apparent that exceptions and limitations can play a crucial role whereas new layers of protection, such as a neighbouring right for publishers, may have less added value.

Martin Senftleben is Professor of Intellectual Property at VU University of Amsterdam, and Of Counsel in the Intellectual Property Practice of Bird & Bird, The Hague.

>>Please note that the talk will be at 14.00 (and not at 18.00 as previously indicated)

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