D. Mendis – Are You Ready For Your Child, The 3D Printing Genius?

On Wednesday 10 July 2013, CIPPM Co-Director, Dr. Dinusha Mendis was invited to publish an article for The Conversation. The article focused on 3D printing for the next generation of children. The article titled ‘Are you ready for your child, the 3D Printing genius?’ responded to Education Minister Michael Gove’s pledge this week to modernise design and technology in Schools in England. This is thought to include introducing 3D printers into schools to help the next generation of children become creators rather than users.

The article stressed that whilst Gove’s enthusiasm for new technologies should be applauded the importance of regulating 3D printing should not be underestimated. ‘It is important to introduce students to the regulation of 3D printing as it is to give them the equipment they need to carry it out’ Dr. Mendis said. Dr. Mendis also pointed out that whilst adopting this technology, the future generation should also be educated and made aware of the regulatory and legislative challenges which come with new technologies.

Gove’s statement in Parliament came at the same time as high-street retailer Maplin announced its plans to sell 3D printers to the public for just under £700. It’s clear that this technology is very much on its way to being embraced by the general public. As such, sooner rather than later, the Government will also need to think about a clear policy framework.

The full article can be accessed and read here.

Dr. Mendis’s recent work in the area of 3D Printing and IP Law can be found here.

3D printing demonstration