UCAS FAQs: Your questions answered!

If your UCAS event was cancelled, then no worries, I’ve answered the questions we get asked the most at these events. Where is Bournemouth and what is there to do? Bournemouth is a seaside town located along the English south coast with Poole to its west, Christchurch to the east, and roughly only a 45-minute… Read more »

An Open Day guide for parents and guardians

Starting the process of sending your child off to university can feel a little daunting because it’s such an important process. It’s also quite emotional too. My parents definitely felt concerned when I had to start making my choices. It’s important that you get all the information you need to make it smooth and successful,… Read more »

Week One Guide: Pasta and Google Maps

Hello, my name is Patrycja! I’m from Poland and I study BA (Hons) Computer Animation Art & Design at Bournemouth University. There is so much to do in order to prepare for your new life as a university student. Whether you’ve come through Clearing and you’re trying to organise everything at the last minute, or… Read more »

Some sun, a little snow, and a LOT of sea

Hi, my name is Patrycja, I’m a Polish student currently studying BA (Hons) Computer Animation Art and Design at BU. How is the weather in Bournemouth different to Poland? A few people I have met have said that the weather in Poland is quite similar to the UK, but personally I think there are some… Read more »

A Lithuanian in Bournemouth

First time in a foreign country Studying in a foreign country means living there continuously, without the comfort of family or friends you may have known for years (if not decades, if you’re an older student!) Of course, it might be stressful or uncomfortable at the beginning, but you’re only just getting used to your… Read more »