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Final year

BA (Hons) Multimedia Journalism

Hello there. I’m Alfie, a 23-year-old first year BA (Hons) Multimedia Journalism student. 

I hope you’re excited to hopefully start your journey here at Bournemouth University soon. It’s just coming to the end of my first year and it’s been a blast so far – I couldn’t recommend BU enough! I’m just going to give you a few reasons why I think BU is the best choice for you. 

Why BU? And What I love… 

The campus and facilities here at BU are great; you are likely going to be on Talbot Campus where most courses take place, but there’s a chance you will be on Lansdowne Campus. Both are easily accessible from your student accommodation, and both have got ample facilities. The Fusion Building  is perfect for grabbing a coffee and chilling with friends in your breaks. Or if you wanted to be a little more productive, you’ve got the Library or Student Union building to get your head down and get some work done. Course content is super varied. Lectures and seminars are standard on every course, but there are also so many workshops, practical work and field trips – it will for sure keep you engaged and involved (check the image below, it’s my course on a little field trip).  The staff are great too. It’s important to remember it’s not like school; it’s way more independent and tougher, but these lecturers know their stuff and have been in your situation – they are there to help. 

Alfie stood with group of friends

If you’re excited for the ‘uni life’, Bournemouth is certainly the place. As someone who wasn’t a fan of clubbing before coming to Bournemouth, after experiencing the nightlife here I can’t get enough. There’s a pub, bar or club for everyone, no matter your style or genre of music (my personal favourite is Sound Circus, give that a go). There’s also so many events happening throughout the year to get involved in, such as the Christmas market, Bournemouth Air Show, concerts at the BIC, High Tide music festival, Rugby Sevens, and day trips around the Jurassic coast. Something for everyone at Bournemouth. 

Nothing shows off Bournemouth better than coming to see it for yourself. It can be difficult with the British weather but try and get a day visit to Bournemouth on a sunny day before making your decision. Bournemouth absolutely shines in the sun; that glorious 7 miles of golden sand is a huge draw to anyone coming to Bournemouth. Can you think of a better way to spend your summer break? 

Alfie on the beach

Just some advice in the meantime… 

It would be a great idea to time your visit to Bournemouth with one of our university Open Days; keep your eye on the website for upcoming dates. If you haven’t already, definitely read through the course guides online; you want to make sure you know the course in and out before deciding (plenty of people on mine were shocked when they found out we had learn law!). If you’ve got any burning questions about your course specifically or even just some general uni life questions, get yourself on UniBuddy. It’s a great way to speak directly to a student, rather than the formal discussions you’ve probably had with academics in charge of the course. You can get a real sense of how a fellow student is finding university life, perfect if you’re a little anxious about what your experience is going to be like. 

I hope my few words has helped you in deciding if Bournemouth University is the place for you. Best of luck and hopefully see you soon! 

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