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Coming to university, one thing I couldn’t not do is explore the local coffee shops and brunch spots. As a big brunch fan I had to do my fair share of scouting out the good spots. With a student budget and needing vegetarian friendly options, I have found some fabulous coffee shops and eateries in my past few years at BU, options so here I am to share them!


My all time favourite has to be Boscanova in Boscombe High Street. Located not far from Bournemouth town centre, this place is a must to visit. My friend originally took me back in first year and I have visited multiple times since. It offers your classic brunch options; English breakfasts, avocado toast, acai bowls and the BEST American pancakes – they even sell overnight oats! I can’t describe how good the pancakes are. All I can say is you have to try them. It is like an Instagram dream if you love taking pictures of your food just like me, but inside is just so aesthetically pleasing and extremely welcoming. It’s not far from Boscombe beach either which is unsurprisingly amazing pretty much all year round.

Esquires Coffee

Esquires is the perfect place in the town centre to go pretty much any time of day, but also a good local place if you fancy a coffee study session. It’s nice and cosy and offers brunch, lunch, pastries and the best cakes. I used to go there quite a bit when I worked in the town centre, especially during exam time – It is a lovely little spot for a quick lunch time study session. It even offers outside seating which in the summer is amazing! Again such a good spot in town on the high street, and very close to the beach.

Other spots!

Bournemouth has quite the selection for coffee shops and eateries being a seaside town with so many to name. Others I love include Conto Lounge (Winton), Otto House (Winton) and the Coffee Lab (Town Centre). SUBU often has lots of food & drinks offers available too!


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