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Embarking on your student journey in the UK reveals an array of transport options, crucial for navigating the city of Bournemouth and beyond.

Transport Types


When it comes to public transport, buses are one of the most common forms of transport and are often cost-effective, especially for longer trips.

A bus network is a system of interconnected bus routes that operate within a specific area. Bus networks offer various options to enhance accessibility/affordability such as:

  • student discounted passes,
  • unlimited day passes
  • frequent rider programs.

The Morebus network, with over 50 buses between Bournemouth, Salisbury and Ringwood, provides an affordable and convenient mode of travel. As part of the network, Unibus services both University campus’, accessing the local towns nearby student accommodation and the town centre.

Trains and Coaches

Trains and coaches are preferred alternatives for longer journeys between towns and cities. Coaches provide a cost-effective option for distance travel and Trains provide a more costly but speedier journey times. In places like London, you may also find a variation of train types such as rail, underground, DLR, and trams.


Tickets, Zones and Times of Travel


Travel zones, defined by transportation authorities, set bus and train travel costs. These zones help establish fare structures based on the distance travelled or the regions covered. Typically, the more zones you cross, the higher the fare.


The timing of travel significantly affects ticket prices:

  • Peak hours, before 9 am and between 4 pm-7 pm, incur higher fares due to increased demand.
  • Off-peak times provide budget-friendly options with flexibility, while super off-peak hours (12 pm-3 pm) offer reduced ticket costs.
  • Weekends and holidays are generally off-peak, occasionally featuring special tickets for discounted leisure travel.
  • Anytime allowing travel at any time, provide flexibility at a higher cost.
  • Day tickets, similar to Anytime, offer unlimited travel for a day on trains and buses, known as Travelcards in London, providing flexibility and cost-effectiveness.

Train Ticket Types

Train travel offers a range of ticket types:

  • A single ticket – covers a one-way journey, typically priced depending on the distance travelled.
  • Return tickets – suitable for a round trip.
  • Day return tickets – allow a same day return journey.
  • Open return tickets – provide flexibility for the return journey is within a time frame (prices vary based on peak/off-peak times)

Physical and digital Railcards and Coachcards can give discounts on travel with train railcard options such 16-25, 26-30, and more, and coachcards, including 16-26 and senior amongst others. Top tip: Tesco Clubcard Vouchers to offset railcard costs.

Bikes and Scooters

Bikes and scooters present cost-effective, time-efficient, and eco-friendly travel options, especially with bike and electric scooter schemes offering affordable and accessible choices.

Beryl in Bournemouth operates pedal bikes, scooters and e-bikes with day passes for £12, minutes bundles from £5 and pay as you ride from £1. You can find the full Bournemouth prices here.

Bringing your own bike to university will keep travel costs down whilst getting around Bournemouth, with halls often offering storage. However, check the restrictions on cycling on Bournemouth seafront in July and August.


Taxis, though pricier, offer door-to-door convenience, particularly useful for late-night travels or urgent situations. Utilising apps like Uber, Bolt or for Bournemouth United, enhances efficiency and convenience in taxi bookings.


App Menus

Travel apps are essential for modern commuters, offering convenience, accessibility, and efficiency. They streamline finding the most efficient route, enhancing the overall journey experience. Typical features include:

  • Purchasing and using tickets
  • Checking transport times and planning journeys
  • Accessing timetables
  • Checking service updates

App examples include: MOREBUS/Unibus, Trainline, National Rail.


Travelling in London

London Transport Map

London has a range of transportation methods, with different payment methods allows travelling across buses, trains, trams, Tube, and the Docklands Light Railway easier.

Oyster Cards are a smartcard, one of the main payment types on public transport, to pay for fares automatically. These can be managed in the TFL Oyster App. In addition, Travelcards can be used for unlimited travel within specified zones.

London Apps

Navigating London is made seamless with apps such as:

  • TFL GO – offering step-by-step guidance and live service updates,
  • Bus apps – providing live bus times and service updates
  • TFL website –  real-time information, route planning and travel preferences.

    TFL Oyster and TFL Go Apps, and the TFL Website





Happy travelling!

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