Top questions: deferrals special

Do you have questions about deferring your place? We’ve put together a special edition of ‘top things asked’ to bring you our deferrals special! I’m a deferred student, when can I start applying for accommodation?  How is this communicated to me? We’re just finalising our release dates for undergraduate students joining us in September 2016,… Read more » about Top questions: deferrals special

A parent’s view of applying to uni

We all love reading Jessica Alexander’s blogs. Now Jess’s mum has kindly offered to share her story about what it’s like to support someone as they go through the uni application process. Helping your child through the university application process is exciting but not without its moments of tension. Thinking about it now, a few years… Read more » about A parent’s view of applying to uni

Your top questions

Here’s a round-up of what you’ve been asking our AskBU team this week… I’ve not been able to attend any of your Open Days this year and would really like to visit, what should I do? It’s great to hear of your interest in BU!  Please don’t worry, although the Open Days have now finished… Read more » about Your top questions

Why I chose BU

Back in the day, when the words “college” and “A-levels” made me want to crawl into a hole and never be seen again, my goal was to find a better place and somewhere I could feel happy. But looking for the perfect university was difficult. For me it had to tick five boxes: Enjoyable course… Read more » about Why I chose BU

My first month at BU

University is the biggest change in your life and can be taken in many ways. Some choose to embrace every aspect by joining societies, working hard, spending money and going out in the evenings. I like to have a balance of all four of these things. At first, as it was Freshers’ Fortnight, I tended… Read more » about My first month at BU

My first couple of months as a Product Design student

So far my university experience has been everything I’d hoped for, if not more! Product design has always been a strong passion of mine which is why I knew it was something I wanted to spend four years of my life studying. After visiting numerous universities I finally fell in love with Bournemouth University and… Read more » about My first couple of months as a Product Design student

Your top questions

With UCAS applications in full swing, AskBU have been answering a lot of your questions this week. Here are just a few that you’ve been asking… I’ve applied for one course at another university but am applying for a different course at BU and need to tailor my personal statement. What do I need to… Read more » about Your top questions